DIY Living Walls

Planted Places DIY Garden kits ship direct with plants, design instructions, wall planters and detailed planting and wall mounting instructions, making it very easy for you to simply create and enjoy your vertical garden! No more time or money wasted choosing just the right plants, planting them in the wrong location or worrying about how to arrange them.  Leave the details and planning to us and release your inner gardener for all to see!


Planted Places has curated a selection of Leafy Living Wall Kits that offer a variety of styles each creating a different mood for your living space. We’ve hand selected different plant collections to match unique climate requirements and optimized for Vertical Garden conditions.   A Leafy Living Wall can bring life to your indoor or outdoor living spaces. Brighten up your empty backyard spaces or deck walls to create intimate and decorative outdoor lounging areas. Or bring your Leafy Living Walls indoors and enhance your air quality and gain health benefits that come with plants in the home or workspace.


Planted Places has curated a selection of Succulent Living Wall Kits that each come with special designs based on color palette and the succulents unique growing patterns. Succulents Living Walls will bring character and color into your indoor and outdoor spaces.  These trendy cacti are known for their low water needs and unique beauty. The configurable grid system planter included in the Succulent Garden Kit allows you to build out your Living Wall to the unique size of your living space.